C & C Installation Services

Let us take care of your Door and Hardware Needs

Door and Hardware Installation    

The latest Service that we provide is Door and Hardware installation. Two of our highly professional employees are factory trained for Total Door, Rediframe.  Rediframe is manufactured by Dunbarton and our employees at C & C are qualified to install this all steel product.

     We are factory certified for Sargent hardware installation as well as being qualified to service, maintain, and troubleshoot the full line of Sargent products. Recently we have become trained in Schlage L series mortise locks servicing, in addition to Schlage Primus, and Everest cylinder servicing.

     We are also proud to have Medeco3 High Security and Biaxial CertificationLCN Door Closers as well as Von Duprin Panic Hardware are another two product lines that C & C Installation members have been trained to service and maintain

     Door Installation consists of installing butt hinges or continuous hinges, always making sure that they are true and plumb when job conditions allow. Our door installations cover wood, metal, and fiberglass with the exception of a few specialty door types.


Door Repair

     C & C has the capability to repair most wood doors in the field as long as they can be painted after. We also have the ability to cut doors in the field. Additionally, we can make extensive repairs to metal doors from welding to strike relocation, to hardware relocation, to hinge relocation. Our experienced men are trained to work in finished conditions to weld on doors.


Door Coring

     Our employees are trained and certified to core 1/4, 3/8 chase or electrified hardware. During the month of June 2009, some of our workers will have the new training to core fire rated doors.


Door Modification

     C & C employees are trained to change a bored lock to a mortise lock on wood doors.


Frame Installation

     We have the ability to knock down door frames to make sure they are true and plumb, as long as existing conditions allow. We can also weld onsite to have a field welded frame.


Frame Repair

     Frame repair consists of relocating a strike, filling a strike back in where the strike should be, and also relocation of hinge brackets. C & C also has the ability to just replace part of the frame that has been damaged by others who were NOT qualified to repair the frame properly.


Onsite Frame & Door Welding

     We have specially trained personnel that use special fire retardant plastic walls that enclose the work space, so that they can put the work space under negative air and weld in a finished environment “air scrubber”. We take pride to protect everyone’s finished surfaces.


Hardware Installation 









Hardware Repair

     Hardware repair consists of a specialized team of men with extensive knowledge in trouble shooting hardware situations and problems. This allows them to quickly diagnose the problems with very little inconvenience to the customer.


Repairing and Servicing Locks in the Field

     Some of the C & C personnel are trained by several different manufacturers to completely disassemble and reassemble locks in the field in order the change the lock function. 


NEW !!  Energy Conservation Program

     This newly created service consists of one of our employees coming out to a property or business and inspecting all the exterior doors’ weather stripping. We have found that we can save an average of 25% - 30% in heating and/or cooling costs with good weather stripping. Many people do not realize that warm or cool air escapes when there is poor weather stripping.


Preventative Maintenance Programs

     This service is for facilities that cannot handle or choose not to handle maintaining their hardware to meet Life Safety codes. This program works well for schools, colleges, universities, and marinas for the simple fact that when we repair hardware, WE REPAIR IT back to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Installation of Specialty Electronic Locks

     We also have a division that installs specialty electronic locks. In this division, we install the different types of locks as follows: the Integrated Wiegard devices, IP enabled devices, “WiFi” and locks like Persona that can be stand alone or integrated on a head end system.

CCISService List

We have factory certified, trained personnel that do our hardware installation. When it comes to hardware installation, we’ve done from simple door stop installs to the most

Complicated hardware. Bored locks, mortise locks, door closers, and exit devices are just some of the areas we specialize in. We take pride to make sure the hardware is installed to factory specifications and to Life Safety standards.